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Volume 10, Number 2, April 2017, pages 65-69

IL-10 and IL-10 Receptor Mutations in Very Early Onset Inflammatory Bowel Disease


Figure 1.
Figure 1. Diagram of IL-10 and IL-10R pathway.


Table 1. Cases of VEO-IBD with mutated IL-10, IL-10RA, or IL-10RB reported in the literature [10-27]
YearAuthorNumber of mutation casesNation
2009Glocker et al [10]12Germany
2011Begue et al [111]11France
2012Mao et al [112]1China (Hong Kong)
Kotlarz et al [13]358Germany
2013Shim et al [14]3Korea
Moran et al [15]1USA
Neven et al [16]14France
Pigneur et al [17]15Europe
Galatola et al [18]1Italy
2014Murugan et al [19]3Germany
Shim et al [20]7Korea
Lee et al [21]1Australia
Beser et al [22]21Turkey
2015Lu et al [23]2China
Kelsen et al [24]6USA
2016Yanagi et al [25]1Japan
Oh et al [26]3Korea
Xiao et al [27]41China