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Case Report

Volume 8, Number 6, December 2015, pages 309-312

Safety of Deep Enteroscopy and Capsule Endoscopy in LVAD Patients: Case Report and Literature Review


Figure 1.
Figure 1. Angiogram of the superior mesenteric artery without extravasation of contrast. Notice the LVAD with driveline in the left upper quadrant and the PillcamSB in the left lower quadrant.
Figure 2.
Figure 2. Capsule endoscopy demonstrates active bleeding in the proximal jejunum but blood obscures identification of the bleeding source.


Table 1. Summary of Published Reports of Capsule Endoscopy and Small Bowel Enteroscopy in LVAD Patients
Publication author, yearCapsule studyEnteroscopyDirect complications of capsule study or enteroscopy
DBE: double balloon enteroscopy; min: minutes; push: push enteroscopy; SBE: single balloon enteroscopy; spiral: spiral enteroscopy.
Girelli et al, 2006 [9]1None
Seow and Zimmerman, 2006 [10]1One pushNone
Fenkel et al, 2007 [11]1None
Daas et al, 2008 [12]1One pushNone
Bechtel et al, 2010 [13]1None
Decker et al, 2010 [5]1One DBENone
Stern et al, 2010 [4]3None
Demirozu et al, 2011 [14]Two pushNone
Elmunzer et al, 2011 [6]13Four SBE/DBE; three pushNone
Huang et al, 2012 [15]1None
Kushnir et al, 2012 [2]5One pushDuodenal ulcer perforation after three episodes of electrocautery
Harris et al, 2013 [8]14Two patients with brief interruptions (< 2 min) in capsule imaging
Sarosiek et al, 2013 [7]Thirteen spiral/SBE/DBENone
Shrode et al, 2014 [3]20Ten SBE/DBENone
Total62Eight push; 28 spiral/SBE/DBEOne duodenal ulcer perforation
Two disruptions of capsule imaging