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Volume 6, Number 1, February 2013, pages 10-16

Stress as a Trigger for Relapses in IBD: A Case-Crossover Study


Table 1. Baseline Characteristics of the Study Sample, Number of Patients (n) and Percentage (%)
All patients (n = 60)Relapse during follow-up (n = 25)No relapse during follow-up (n = 35)
Male, n/%24/4010/3615/43
Female, n/%36/6015/6420/57
CD, n/%29/489/3620/57
UC, n/%31/5216/6415/43
Age, mean (SD)39 (1.31)38 (12.53)40 (15.91)
Localization of disease, n
  Colon and small bowel202
  Small bowel633
Duration of relapse, mean days (SD) 17 (25.74)-


Table 2. Odds Ratio for Relapse in IBD After Exposure to Stress
Analytical approachNo. of subjectsNo. of exposed cases during the day prior to onsetOdds ratio95% confidence interval
Usual frequency50192.481.07 - 5.78
Matched-pair interval50192.670.71 - 10.05


Table 3. Odds Ratio (OR) for Relapse in IBD After Exposure to Stress During the Previous Day, 95% Confidence Interval (95% CI)
Analytical approach Level of stress
Odds ratio95% confidence intervalOdds ratio95% confidence intervalOdds ratio95% confidence interval
Usual frequency (95% CI)1.38(0.60 - 3.16)2.57(0.55 - 11.93)4.8(1.09 - 21.10)-
Matched-pair interval1.00(0.32 - 3.10)3.00(0.31 - 28.84)4.00(0.45 - 35.79)