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Case Report

Volume 3, Number 5, October 2010, pages 229-231

Lipomatous Polyp Presenting With Intestinal Intussusception in Adults: Report of Four Cases


Figure 1.
Figure 1. (a) Gangrene intestine with sesile Lipomatous polyp; (b) Submucosal Lipomatous polyp.
Figure 2.
Figure 2. Thinned and stretcted out intestinal mucosa with submucosal lipomatous polyp (HE x 400).


Table 1. Clinical, Gross and Microscopic Findings of the Four Cases
Case 145/MPain, Abdominal distension, non passage of stools, flatusIleum, 14 cm from ileocolic junctionIleoileal intussusseption; A polyp measuring 2 cm at the lading end of intussusceptions; 2 small proximal perforationsSubmucosal Lipomatous polyp; Microscopic evidence of perforation
Case 255/MRecurrent vomiting, abdominal distensionIleum, 16 cm from ileocolic junctionIleocolic Intussusceptions; Gangrene of the bowel loops; Small polyp 1 cm diameterGangrenous intestine; Lipomatous polyp of the small intestine; Microscopic evidence of perforation
Case 350/MVomiting abdominal distension, inability to pass stools for 10 days24 cm from the Ileocolic junction, proximal perforationIleoileal intussusseption polyp 2.5 cm diameterGangrenous intestine; Lipomatous polyp of the small intestine; Mesentric artery thrombosis
Case 466/MSub acute intestinal obstructionAscending colon, 5 cm from Ileocolic junctionColocolic intussusception; Polyp 3 cm diameterColonic Submucosal; Lipomatous polyp